Factors That Affect Your Choice of Live Chat Services

ChatIf you want to increase the sales of your ecommerce site through improved customer support, then you must consider making use of live chat services. For those unfamiliar with this, it is a program that is added on a website and usually appears like a square box that gives customers the option to start a chat conversation with the seller or one of its agents. It is an alternative to corresponding through emails or phone calls. Many businesses that have chat services in their sites have attested to how effective it is in turning visitors into paying clients. Once you shop around for providers of live chat services, though, you will realize that they are numerous. With little knowledge about them, you may end up getting a lousy software and service. To avoid that, you must first study these factors that will affect your choice of live chat services.


Some chat software only work well with Windows, so if you are using Mac, you must make sure that the software is compatible with it first. Therefore, when you shop around, do not forget to mention this to the provider.

Chat Agents

Most chat service providers already include agents in their package. This means that you no longer have to worry about hiring and training your own agent as they already have the manpower in their companies that are just waiting to be trained about your particular business. Your choice will really depend on how efficiently you can handle your own pool of agents if you prefer to have them in-house. Take note that handling these personnel can add to your workload, which can hinder you from focusing on your core responsibilities in running your business. The extra cost of outsourcing your chat agents can very well pay off for the convenience, so take this in high consideration. Another alternative that you have is handling the chat during your office hours and handing it over to the provider in the evenings.

User-Friendly Interface

Pick chat software that comes with an easy to use interface, both for you and your customer. It should load quickly to provide a smooth and seamless conversation with your clients. If you are handling the chats, it will be very beneficial for you if the interface is easy to manage so that you can efficiently continue with the conversation without making long pauses caused by troubles that you may encounter with difficult programs.

Ability to Grow with Your Business

Choose a provider that can readily adapt to the growth of your business. If you are a startup business, for instance, your site will initially have a low number of chat requests from your very few visitors, so two or three agents will be enough to handle them 24 hours a day. As your traffic grows, you will naturally expect more customers inquiring about you products. When this happens, your provider must be able to customize your plan to add more agents to your account.

Users’ Reviews

When shopping for a chat service provider, do not ignore the reviews given by past or current users of the software that you are considering. They can give you honest insights about their experiences, which can either encourage or dissuade you from hiring a particular provider.

Analytic Reports

A good chat software must come with a feature that provides analytic reports regarding the demographic of your customers, number of chat requests and why they were initiated, number of chats that resulted to a sale, and other measurable parameters that will help you in improving your site’s design and customer service support. Remember that you decided to add a chat service on your site for the purpose of increasing your sales, so there must be a means to gather pertinent data that will help you determine if you are achieving your goal.

Many companies may be rushing to sell you their live chat products and services. To make sure that you end up with the best, just follow the tips listed here and take time to compare several providers.